Legend has it that a great vintage is often heralded by the passage of a comet. This was the case in 1630 and again in 1811, which is the year alluded to when people speak of the “vin de la comète”.*


Comète Wines, a wine importer and wholesaler, is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Since 2008 we have strived to introduce unique wines of high quality at a fair price to our customers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our current portfolio includes wines from France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Chile, Argentina and Oregon. Our selection process for new wines is rigorous, drawing upon our partners' and associates' expertise in wine and keen knowledge of the marketplace. Our portfolio is constantly expanding - watch for our wines and wine tastings at your local retailers.

* Encyclopédie des vins & des alcools by Alexis Lichine